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Frutorial Crystal pendant

{videotutorial, free frutorial}

Elegant pendant in shape of crystal is easy to create with extruder and FIMO gemstone.
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Coolie: How to make brooch back side

{Coolie, tutorial}

Simple way how to make polymer clay brooch back side.
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Colorful patterns with Panpastels – Animal brooches

{Free frutorials}

Discover a way to make colorful patterns with Panpastelsand create cute puffy brooches! This free polymer clay tutorial contains step by step description with photos and videos.
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Tyrkysovohnědé molekuly

9 ways how to mix brown (mud)

{Color lab}

How to mix brown in 9 different ways. Color recipes, tips and usage for brown shades.
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petrolejova vs teal nahled

Teal vs. Petrol

{Color lab}

Shades of turquoise are very popular in the last years. But everyone imagines them differently. Can you recognize difference between them?
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Big violet beads and lot of tiny little things, but still not enough

Disk beads

{Coolies} Quick tutorial how to make polymer clay disk beads for complement your creations.
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How to make FIMO paste


Do you work with FIMO and are you looking for something better for joining parts together than FIMO liquid? Try to make fimo paste, which is thicker. Pieces which you want to glue together will stick better and not slide.
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Spirálky - fimo polymerový návod zdarma

Striped Spirals

{Coolie} How to make striped spirals, which you can use as part of your jewellery or decoration.
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Vánoční stromečky - Frutoriál - Polymerový návod od Fruitensse

Christmas Trees

{Videofrutorial} How to make Christmas trees on your ears. You can also use trees as another decoration. Steps are easy, you can try that with children.
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