• Dana Phamová - Fruitensse
  • Dana Phamová - Fruitensse

Dana Thi Mai Phamová

Artist / Designer / Teacher

I am creative, resourceful and a bit crazy. I fell in love with polymer clay as the medium of my artistic endeavours in 2008. Since that time I have been gathering experience, designing and making jewellery, teaching classes and dedicating my time to polymer clay and the polymer clay community. I have a lot of amazing and terrible personality traits:

  • I’m often thinking about how to do things differently and better.
  • I’m a terribly messy person and I can survive in a really tiny space.
  • I keep elaborating on new ideas and I like sharing my ideas with others.

All this is united in my brand and nick – Fruitensse.

Jewellery design

Fruitensse’s jewellery is juicy, varied and exceptional. There is creative process, hand-made work and inner and outer inspiration behind every piece. Each of these components of making is as important as the final product..

Fru:work, the gallery of my creations so far, can be found in the Fruitfolio. You can buy available pieces in the e-shop.

Fru:work E-shop

Stories & inspiration

I’m a hands-on kind of person, I love to be involved and I keep absorbing new inspiration. I’m sharing my experiences and inspiration on my blog.

You can find there tutorials and tips for working with polymer clay. Besides that, you can find there reports from courses and different events, inspirational articles and journal with the stories from the backstage and my life.


Art of polymer clay

I share knowledge, experience and ideas via my tutorials and classes. Meeting other people and providing them with enthusiasm, ideas and inspiration makes me satisfied.

You can find here short and long tutorials, photo and video tutorials, both free and paid. You can also sign up for hands-on courses where we will create and enjoy the day together.


I don’t know where the creativity comes from, but the state of mind is awesome!

Not without them


Martina Malášková

Beauty explorer/Colour lover/Translator/Editor

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