Colorful patterns
with Panpastels

Animal brooches

Discover a way to make colorful patterns with Panpastels

and create cute puffy brooches!


Tools and material


FIMO clay is used in this tutorial, this technique also works with Premo. The other clay should work also well.

Tools and other material

  • Basic tools: work surface, pasta machine, blade, roller
  • Textures
  • Office paper
  • Cutters – different shapes, e.g. animals
  • Baby wipes
  • Brooch pin

Coloring sheets

Make a sheet of white clay on medium setting of your pasta machine. Apply Panpastels with your fingers, choose colors and blend them as you like.

Clean your hands with baby wipes.

Imprint texture into the clay.

Wrap baby wipes around your finger and wipe off color, which is on raised parts. You can leave them tinted or wipe to white.

Press colored side on your work surface and put paper on. Roll the sheet until it is smooth.

Pastels will be better absorbed and not smudge a pattern.

Make more sheets. You can try different textures and color variations.

Cover your flat and colored sheets with the thinnest sheet of translucent clay.

Roll the sheets on the thinnest setting and gently stretch it. Lay the translucent gradually on colored sheet to avoid bubbles.

Push translucent on base with finger and after put it into your pasta machine.

Put sheet through pasta machine from the thickest to medium setting. Don’t make it thinner so as not to be your pattern too stretched.


Cut sheets into strips about 1 cm wide.

Arrange strips next to each other on paper. Put another paper on and heal the surface (with your fingers through paper) until is smooth.

Cutting puffy shape

You can see how to make puffy pendant in video on the right or in steps described below.

Put the sheet on paper and push cutter slightly into clay.

Take cutter with clay in hands. Press the clay to the edges of cuttter so it stuck but not cut through. Use your fingers to bulge puffy shape.

Prepare a thinner sheet (about 1 mm) and stuck it to work surface. Then put cutter with clay on this sheet and cut the shape through both layers.

Remove cutter and excess clay. Air will stay between layers of clay and it makes nice puffy shape.

Cure your creation according to the recommended temperature for at least 15 minutes.


If clay stucks in the cutter then bake both in oven (cutter must be from metal). After baking take the clay easily out.

Back side

Finish back side. If you like make a brooch, you can be inspired by this video.

Cure your brooch again and it’s ready to be worn =)

Make you own coloful brooch

and show us your creations!!

Tento příspěvěk je také dostupný v jazyce: Čeština

  • Donna Lee Little

    These are just wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing your totorial!!

    • Dana Fruitensse Phamová

      Thank you Donna, you are welcome! If you try some of these, I will be happy if you share photo with me =)

  • Hazel Smith

    Wonderful ideas, so effective, and I really love the pearl twists as well.

  • Frederique Pittet

    Love your tutorial :) I had to try and make some 😉

  • Dana Fruitensse Phamová

    Thank you!

  • Pearl

    Your tutorial is so much fun…and inspiring! I will share on my blog so others can come here to learn!!

    • Dana Fruitensse Phamová

      Thank you =)

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