Teal vs. petrol

Between blue and green

Shades of turquoise are very popular in the last years.  But everyone imagines them differently.

Sometimes we interchange one shade for the other or even treat them as identical.  We will specifically deal with two turquoise shades named Teal and Petrol. 

Let’s explore together


Let's start with turquoise

Turquoise is between blue and green and contains both of these colors. It is named after mineral Turquoise, because of same color.

For somebody is turquoise more blue than green for other otherwise. But with turquoise it is same as with orange, there are many shades.

  • Teal - čírková modř
  • Čírka modrá

Teal: from ducks to the dark turquoise

Teal is dark shade of turquoise and the name origins from ducks. Male teal ducks  have this beautiful color on feathers around their eyes.

It’s easier recognize this color when it has a name. In my country, in czech language, we don’t have a proper name for this shade, we call it turquoise or petrol. That’s why a lot of people here don’t make difference between them.

When you focus on teal color, you wil find out, that this dark turquoise is more green than blue.

Petrolejová modrá

About petrol blue

Origin of Petrol color name is unclear. The term may origin petrol-derived compounds, which are ofthen blue. Who knows?

This color is descriped as a greyish blue colour, tinted with green.

What is a difference between Teal and Petrol blue?

Difference is as  you (see) make it. Everybody perceive colors differently, for some, all the above mentioned shades are simply “blue”.

I personally feel between Petrol and Teal difference, but I admit that in some situations is really difficult to recognize them.


Petrol is bluer. It is closer to dark navy blue, but contains a bit of green and could be a little “dirty”.

Teal (Čírková)

Teal is dark turquoise, which is more green then blue.

How do you recognize these colors,
do you make difference between them?

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