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Ethereal, delicate and elusive like Seaweed

Jewelry have subtle organic shapes that resemble seaweed. They have a beautiful semitranslucent and pearlescent colors. It goes well with elegant dress also with slightly informal (from blouses through various knitted sweaters). It is suitable for formal or other social event.

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Bracelets are made of hand-modeled algae that wraps around the wrist. They are flexible, subtle and can be connected together and combined.

Pendants. On the track of surgical wire they are captured bits of seaweed in smaller clusters.

Algae Collection is a collection that includes O-rings and Seaweed jewellery. This collection is defined by organic shaping, semitransparent matt appearance, pearlscent reflection and visual lightness.

  • These jevellery glow under UV light.
  • Material: Polymer clay, secret ingredients, metal components
  • Hand-made in the Czech republic.

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