Collection Cucarachas (Cockroaches)

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The most beautiful cockroacches you ever seen

Behind this weird name hides a collection of 3D jewellery with angular shape as its dominant feature. The jewellery can look different every time you wear it depending on the point of view and the interplay of light and shadow.

You can find them in different beautiful color combination and they are suitable for every occasion.

  • The name is memory of one cheap accomodation in Madrid, where we saw these animals. It was, when we wanted save money meanwhile we were participating ECC 2014.
  • It is story with happy ending. When I was on ECC 2015,  Spanish girls fell in love with these earrings. A lot of them buy some pairs and take them back home to Spain.
  • You can learn these earrings with frutorial, which is available in e-shop:
  • Material: Polymer clay, stainless steel
  • Hand-made in the Czech republic

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